Grooming Salon

TD-907/907L Compartment Dryer

Automatic shut-off timer, could be set from 5-30 minutes. 

TD-907T Pet Drying Cabinet

This drying cabinet is a revolutionary product!

TD-907TW Pet Drying Cabinet

Big room enough for drying a large-size dog, or drying two middle-size pets when the dividing panel is inserted;

TD-905 Ionic Wall-hanging Dryer

Variable wind and temperature control.

TD-906 Ionic Stand Dryer

Experience hands-free fluff drying.

TD-900CG GEMINI Parallel Dual Motor Dryer

After the first batch of Gemini was sold out, many reports from all over the world commented it has “insanely strong blow force”!


This is the most aptly named AEOLIAN dryer in the pet world!


Mango’s single motor superior blow force and wind speed allows it to perform better than most double motor dryers.


TD-900XT HERCULES Dual Motor Hosed Dryer


There isn’t a better value in the grooming realm than the Cyclone.


A force blower, a finishing dryer and also an air massager, the most versatile dryer in our line.

TD-903 Cage Dryer

900 Watts - powerful enough to make sure all nozzles have equal and strong wind pressure.

TD-9011 Groomer

Groomer'sThird Arm

TD-9012 Wall Bracket for Single Motor Dryer

Wall Bracket for Single Motor Dryer

TD-9012X Wall Bracket for Hercules

Wall Bracket for Hercules

TD-9013 Dry Stand

Dry Stand for Single Motor Dryer

TD-908 Noise Terminator - Central Dryer System

The medical world has long known that excessive noise exposure triggers hearing loss and contributes to other illnesses (i.e. heart disease, anxiety, and stress related illnesses).

TD-904N Handheld Dryer

Easy to maneuver in hand, lightweight and comfortable to handle.


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