Grooming Tables

FT-875 Japanese Style Grooming Table

Japanese Style grooming table Japanese stylish hydraulic grooming table.

FT-820 Portable Competition Table

Oxidizing treated colors remains for life long time, many color options available,

FT-821 Series Ultra-Light Weight Competition Table

The oxidizing treatment of our custom colors remain vibrant.

“STACK”, single column grooming table.

Balancing the peak season and off-season is always a challenge for all the grooming salon owners.

FT-812W Dog Show Table with Casters

Perfect for shows, travel and overflow grooming.

FT-841 Space Saving Folding Table

The best solution for generating flexible working space.

FT-712 Plastic Top Folding Grooming Table

King of cost effective, high performance grooming tables.

FT-818/819Height Adjustable Folding Table

Exclusive height adjusting system, easy to handle and offers perfect stability.

FT-811/812/813 Folding Grooming Table with S/S Legs

Non-slip rubber matte surface, scrape resistant and easy to clean.

FT-814/815/816 Folding Table with Powder-plated Legs

Economical option for folding grooming table.


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