Tiny Tools

MC-230 Rechargeable Pet Trimmer

Though slim and tiny, but as powerful as all other big trimmers.

MC-750 Rechargeable Pet Clipper

Super strong shearing force, cutting off pet hair with ease.

TK-605 Aluminum Tool Case

Multiple combinations for using occasions.Free combinations:single-layer, double-lthree-layer; hand-held, trolley-style.Reasonable space design, safe and efficient to organize tools.Ingeniously designed construction with stability and large bearing capacity.Multiple optional colors.

GC-003 Deluxe Saddle Stool

This workhorse stool will help you get through all your seated work.

TA-002 Lubrication Oil

Specifically for blade lubrication.

TA-001 Cooler Spray

Blade coolant

TK-603 Aluminum Tool Case

Aluminum Tool Case

TK-603PK Aluminum Tool Case

Aluminum Tool Case


Medium-size aluminium  toolcase

Professional Brushes

Handles made from beautiful walnut, with wonderful texture, grain and natural colors.

GC-001 Work Chair with Backrest

Work Chair with Backrest

GC-002 Ergonomic Saddle Chair

Relieve the stress on back and spine caused by sitting for long periods.

GC-005 Saddle Stool

Fully plastic injection mold made stoop pad, ensures a super long service life without any concerns of delaminating.

TA-003 Sterilizing Spray

Disinfection and sterilization spray.



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