Operation Table

Consultant Room Island

Combined by columns and several preparation tables. Versatile, can be configured with varied elements like prep tables, sinks, tubs, and fold-down tables.

FT-888 V-top Deluxe Operation Table

More ergonomic working position, allows veterinarians to get even closer to patients and avoid knee or back pains/injuries caused by bad postures.

FT-828/828H V-top Operation Table

A two panel table top system that adjusts from horizontal to near vertical to hold the pets in the desired position during surgery.

FT-886/886H Universal Surgical Table

V-top Operation Table Powered by sturdy and reliable Danish made lift column.

FT-887 New Universal V-top Surgery Table

Optional heated top disperses heat evenly across the tabletop.

FT-826 Multi-functional Operation Table

There are two options for this wonderful table, FT-826 hydraulic, FT-826E electric.

FT-853 Ophthalmology & Dental Table

Dual functional table. Fully constructed from 1.2mm thick 304 grade stainless steel; the table is very durable and reliable.

FT-854 Electric Lift Operation Table

Sturdy Z style stainless steel base ensures stability.

FT-855 Tilting Top Exam Table

This is a versatile, utilitarian table that will serve you well and take a beating.

FT-862 Low-Low Operation Table

Dropping to within 10” of the floor makes this operation table an exceptional tool.

FT-863 Low-Low Dental Table

Heavy duty lifting mechanism and very durable linear actuator system, able to lift up to 250lbs.

FT-827 Rotating Operation Table

49''(L)x24''(W) flat top. Table can be lifted from 55cm to100cm (22"-40").

FT-835 Transportation Table

A unique one-act-lift system with automatic locking latch, allowing quick release operation too.

FT-852 Electric Lifting Dental Table

SUS304 stainless steel table top and electric lifting base will provide you with great service for years to come.

FT-861 Electric Lifting Exam Table

SUS304 stainless steel table top and electric lifting base provide a great table you’ll reply on for years.


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