BTS-150/151 Micro Bubble SPA Tub


This Professional Spa Tub offers unprecedented luxury and therapeutic experiences to the pet grooming industry.
This Professional Spa Tub offers unprecedented luxury and therapeutic experiences to the pet grooming industry.

This Professional Spa Tub offers unprecedented luxury and therapeutic experiences to the pet grooming industry. Patent pending technology generates billions of miniscule bubbles between 20 -40μm, immediately changing pure water into a creamy milky white liquid that soothes and caresses the skin and coat. The tiny bubbles carry negative ions that attach to dirt particles, lift them to the surface off the dog’s skin and out of their coats. When dirt is saturated with micro bubbles, the particles will float up to water surface. The best part is you don't need any shampoo to clean the pet's undercoat, the bubbles do all the work.

When cleaning and conditioning solutions are implemented, the effect is even more pronounced, resulting in better moisturizing, cleaning and smoothing treatment. This is also the first micro bubble SPA tub that has high density Ozone in the bubbles. When air is absorbed into the water, the Ozone level is capable of reaching 14% -15% saturation; this aids in treating numerous skin issues and irritations problems. You could also connect this machine to an Oxygen tank to get 100% pure Ozone infused into the water. The therapeutic effects result is fantastic skin and great looking and feeling coat. There have been many cases where the effects on severe skin diseases, rashes and irritated conditions have been dramatically and positively altered and improved. Two countdown timers, one for SPA treatment and the other for Ozone function. The Ozone can also be switched on and turned off automatically, for maintaining daily sterilization conditions. This SPA Tub is not just a therapy treatment for pet, it’s also a revenue generating machine. Treatments should be billed similarly to those charged for grooming; similar to what you would pay at a SPA. The money will flow in once your clients learn of this unique and wonderful SPA. A petite round model (BTS-151) is suitable for smaller pets; available in red and white base colors.

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Milky Delicate Micro Bubbles Spread in the Whole Tub

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Micro Bubbles Permeate into Pet Fur and Clear out the Stubborn Dirt

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New luxury stainless steel SPA bath tub is coming.

What Is "Micro Bubble SPA&rdquo"?
How Does It Work?

The definition of “Micro Bubble” is the bubble which is from 20~40μm. Bubbles that exceed this size range cannot be referred to as true “Micro Bubbles”. We manufacture our “Micro Bubble SPA” tub in its true sense. We added the unique function “Ozone Micro Bubble” that other similar products have not. Observe that translucent water/liquid will immediately return to the milky white color 30 seconds after the SPA is switched on.This is why we also refer to it as the “Milk ]SPA”. There is no milk, milk powder any other additives. The white color is solely created by and due to billions of micro bubbles. Look closely at a waterfall. You see white water instead of clear

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running water. Our SPA tub operates via the same theory, agminated micro bubbles make liquid seem almost opaque when saturated with the micro bubbles. When immersed in the SPA animals relax; their breathing is enhanced due to the soothing effects and increased negative ion release (because of the high concentration of anions in air and water). Their heart rates slows and they thoroughly enjoy the experience. Our SPA tubs dramatically increases the anion release through the high frequency crash of micro bubbles. It is well known that anions (negative ions) are widely touted in the hair care field. The theory is anions can

keep hair soft and moisturized. The micro bubbles which have negative charges unite water molecules, make hair absorb more water, and deeply nourish hair. If we put detergent or hair conditioner into then SPA liquid, they will combine with micro bubbles which have negative charges and cling to the hair root, thus improving damaged hair and improving overall feel and quality.
Micro bubbles massage the skin and coat. They can also deliver medications and conditioners to the desired areas needing treatment. The effect will be immediate after one or two treatments, and cumulatively

better after regular ongoing treatments. Extensive tests have been conducted to ensure that our micro bubbles are effective. For allergies, skin diseases and more severe skin conditions and rashes, adding pure oxygen and Veterinarian recommended and prescribed serums and medications can enhance the SPA treatments. Submerge your hand into the SPA for a minute, you’ll realize immediately the benefits this wonderful tub will provide for your pets. There have been proven results of the positive dramatic effects the SPA treatment has on human skin as well. Therefore your pets will surely benefit from the treatment.

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