FT-851 Preparation Table Dental Table with Stainless Steel Tub


First Class Preparation Table
First Class Preparation Table

First Class Preparation Table.

Fashionable styling, practical function and detailed finish make the FT-851 preparation tables the best choice for your clinic.
SUS304 stainless steel basin with slope top, flat surface grid and drainage on lower side provides very useful preparation space.
Drawers and cabinet under top basin afford handy storage for the tools and supplies.
Left side, right side and middle table configurations offer a multitude of space and design options.

1.Versatile cabinet/drawer combinations.
2.Right hand, left hand and middle versions.
3.Stainless steel hair strainer.
4.Top resting grid.
5.Round cornered tub with slope.
6.Comfortable legroom underneath round corners.


Net WeightGross WeightDimension (cm)Volume
(kg)(kg)W×D×H(cm) Stand W×D×H (inch)Package(cbm)


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