FT-802 Series Classic Z Lifting Table


An economical solution for height adjustable electric grooming table.

Slim base leaves comfortable legroom, yet still stable without any wobbling.

Two sizes available, 36"×24" for medium, 48"×24" for large; height adjustable ranges 24" - 44".

Practical and helpful power supply receptacles installed on the operation panel, accommodates up to 15A (220V) electric appliances.

Transparent sliding drawer keeps your small tools and accessories handy.

Two USB ports included, for convenient charging of your electronic devices (like cell phones). 

Hanging hooks on the other side of tabletop keeps all your equipment 

(nail grinder, clipper and dryers) close and convenient.

With adjustable leveler feet added.

Electric Version

Strong linear actuator

Color customization welcome

Hydraulic version

FT-8101 grooming arm included

Water-resistant up-down foot pedal

Net WeightGross WeightDimensionVolume

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